Thursday, March 12, 2015

Any Other Weapon

From WeaponsMan, the latest addition to the sidebar, comes a report that requires an explanation.

A lot of handguns come with a section of rail under the barrel. The rail is a standard size to accommodate accessories. You might decide to add a flashlight, or a laser sight, or a bayonet, to your pistol.

What you cannot legally do is decide to add a foregrip. Foregrips cannot be added to pistols for reasons that make sense to the BATFE. If you want to legally add a foregrip to a pistol, you must submit the paperwork and turn the pistol into an AOW. Here's the official ATF letter on the subject.

Got that? Sliding a store bought foregrip onto a store bought pistol is "manufacturing"and turns the thing that a moment ago was a pistol into an AOW. Don't question it, just hold that thought.

Because in California, you can't legally own a Taurus Judge. It's not on the approved list. But you can own, after filing the paperwork and paying the fees, an AOW. So a Taurus Judge with a foregrip and the paperwork is a legally owned AOW, while a Taurus Judge without a foregrip is illegal.

I leave the question of whether you would want to own a Taurus Judge under any circumstances to you, my readers.


Comrade Misfit said...

So you can put the bayonet on your heater and that's legal, but if you then grasp the gun by the attached bayonet, that's illegal?

libertyman said...

Funny the ATF must not know its own rules, since that letter says a "AOW" (Any Other Weapon) has a fee of $200.00.
I believe an AOW has a fee of $5.00 and submission of the requisite fingerprints and application.

Also, it states a vertical foregrip means you have turned your pistol into a AOW. It looks like a horizontal grip if that bayonet blade breaks off.

libertyman said...

Actually, I misread that letter.It is $200.00 to "manufacture" the AOW by putting the grip on.
If you have a manufacturer do it, you pay the $5.00.

It is sensible laws like this that keep us safer from , from, well I don't know exactly, but it must keep us all safer. Somehow.

Michael said...

I don't find the Taurus Judge very practical but it is pretty bad ass looking. I inherited one but ended up letting it go because I could just not see much practical use for it. Too heavy and bulky for an every day carry pistol and for other uses I prefer something in auto that I can carry multiple magazines for on my belt. I am still madly in love with my .45 auto 1911 as my main go to pistol, the Judge just doesn't inspire the confidence that 'ol 1911 does when in my hand :) As to CA gun laws, do you really expect them to make sense?

Old NFO said...

OMG, don't show that to Jay! :-)

tiredweasel said...

Gun laws - always funny ^^

In Germany any pump-action shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18" (45cm) OR a pistol grip (w/o stock) is illegal.
But a semi-automatic shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18" (45cm) AND a pistol grip (w/o stock) is legal ;)

burkdoggy said...

Taurus kind of reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit called "Bad Idea Jeans.
In their case, they just take a bad idea and build it figuring there MUST be a market. You could have knocked me over with a feather though, when S&W COPIED the Judge! (WTH?!)

All gun laws are ridiculous. Anyone that ever proposes legislation restricting ANY gun use needs to be hung for treason, or undermining the Constitution. Or just on principle.

burt said...

Gun laws are typically written and passed by people who DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WEAPONS. It's obvious to anyone who knows anything about guns.

Gun owners and enthusiasts would NEVER write laws based on a gun's appearance: they would pay attention to the gun's operating characteristics (fully automatic operation, barrel length, etc), ammunition (ball vs. powder ratio, etc), and safe operation (drop tests).

Off the top of my head, I can think of only three restrictions to place on weapons: maximum 3-round autofire (yes, I'd support 3-round autofire, but not continuous autofire), must pass a drop test, and must pass a metallurgical test to prove that the chamber/barrel will withstand a minimum of 30 rounds of +P+ round without catastrophic failure.

Operational testing ONLY. I don't care if it has a flash suppressor AND a pistol grip AND a collapsible stock AND a removable magazine AND an accessory rail AND a foregrip AND...

Comrade Misfit said...

S&W produced the Governor because of the potential sales to upscale Cletuses who didn't want to be seen shooting a Taurus.

And since it's still cataloged (in three varieties), capitalism, baby!

Goober said...

It was no mystery to me why s&w made a knockoff. Judges were selling. They wanted in on that.

NotClauswitz said...

I have one of those pointy-sharpy things for my nightstand P220, with that there nobody is gonna go for a gun-grab.

Paul Bonneau said...

Gun laws are not supposed to make sense. If one of them did make sense, then I'd start to worry about myself.