Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rloading the .303

While Borepatch is resting up and his shoulder is healing, I think it would a great time for him to start reloading. A nice single stage press, enough components to get cranking, and he could be making .303 British for later in the year instead of marking time until he gets back on the bike.

Here's a Gunboards post on the subject of .303 and what some of the reloaders have found works well for bullet weight and powders.


Murphy's Law said...

I use a .312 Hornady 174gr. bullet over 40.0 grains of IMR 4895. It's fantastic across the range of my Enfields.

Wolfman said...

I like Sierra's 180 gr spitzer, over Reloder 15. 42 grains gets me 2370 fps out of my cut-down 18" bbl. Hornady Interlokt 150s shoot pretty good in mine (a Savage No4mkI 2 groove) with Re-15 again. 46.2 grains gets me 2600fps. For some reason, my gun doesn't like the factory RN very much, so I stick to the smoother feeding spitzer bullets.

John said...

Not exactly on point for the .303, my SMLE reloading is a moderate load for the .45-70 round as I was lucky enough to get a Navy Arms SMLE conversion. I also have another SMLE that had been sporterized, not by me, and I have thought about a restoration.

Lots of fun to shot either rifle.

John in Philly

NotClauswitz said...

Thanks! I have one of those made only about a mile (and sixteen years) from my birthplace. :-)