Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Muzzle Control

You need to control the muzzle. It doesn't care if it's your gun. It doesn't care if it's "just" a .22. It doesn't care what you were doing or what you thought you were doing. Point the muzzle in any direction and do something that lets the hammer fall and the bullet will impact whatever was in front of it at the moment it fired.

In this case, it was a woman looking down at her bra holster as she tried to adjust it in some way. Whatever pulled the trigger, be it her finger or part of her clothing, the bullet struck her in the eye and she died.

This death is a tragedy and I can empathize with her family deeply, but it is not an accident. It is the result of a negligent discharge of a firearm while the firearm was pointed in an unsafe direction.


skybill said...

Hi 'Patch,"
Sad story to say the least!! Sounds like a "Rank Amateur" operating out of her league!! Even with "Big Boobs and a Bra Holster" ya' still have to remember, incorporate and use Jeff Cooper's 4 basic rules (If I have to post them for em' then they're rank amateurz' too!) Gunz, just like Parachutes, if ya' don't know what yer doin', yer dead!!! And!, I mean Dead!! BSR's (Basic Safety Regs) not with standing if ya' don't follow em' yer' gonna be a "Crater' (What happens when ya' hit 'Terra Firma' at High Speed sans 'Chute!!") Same thoughts apply to GUNZ!!!!!!
PS, Skybill's version of Jeff Coopers 4 Basic Rules of Gun Safety!!
1. All Gunz are always Loaded!! Even yer' kid's Roy Rogers, Hop a'long Cassidy and/or Gene Autrey's Cap pistol!
2. Keep yer' "Bogger Hooks" off the Bang Switch till you have "Target Aquisiton!!!
3. Be absolutely sure of your "Target!!"
4. Know what is from your Gunz' muzzle to yer "Target" "AND" what is in "Range" beyond yer' target for at least twice the distance of yer projectile!!
The Lady that died playing with her "Piece" in the "Bra Holster" "VIOLATED" several of those 4 basic rules!!!! As we say in "Skydiving" "If ya' wanna' 'Bounce, do something that nobody has done before and created a safety rule for!!" Ya' get "No Points" for doing a "Bounce" that someone else has has already catalogued!! Same with Gunz!!! Bra holster not with standing, the "4 Rules Still Apply!!!!"

Old NFO said...

Sad story, and yes multiple rule violations... And I'm betting a lawsuit in three... two...

Anonymous said...

The difficulty with a lawsuit in this case is that there are no surviving witnesses to what really happened. So there is no telling if it was a gun design/manufacturing defect, a holster defect, a holster placement defect, User error, Intentional user use, or some combination and the degree that each contributed. They may as well sue her shirt maker.

Another possibility: if this was indeed a revolver (you can never tell with low quality modern reporting WRT guns), her fidgeting with the hammer may have caused it to snap back and make contact with the primer, even if the trigger was not activated or touched in any way.

Murphy's Law said...

See what happens when you improperly rack the slide?