Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It's not what you have, just what you can imagine. Once someone figures out how to make a spear/bow/club/sword/knife/cannon/rifle/bomb/nuke and teaches someone, the knowledge exists. Getting rid of the knowledge takes more than passing a law.

Here's page after page of pictures of man's ingenuity in making homemade guns, and just one pic of a fairly well made example in .22LR.

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Goober said...

In the day and age of CNC machining being more or less ubitquitous, you can't stop people from making guns.

You just can't.

Forget about the fact that there are already 200 million guns in America alone, and the idea that you could ever disarm the populace entirely is quite frankly a pipe dream.

That's what I keep trying to get antis that I know to understand - no matter how much you want this, it's too late. The ship has sailed. What you desire cannot be obtained.

So now what?