Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hold My Beer and Watch This

Tannerite is a binary explosive made to serve as a target marker. You mix aluminum powder with ammonium nitrate and put it out at safe distance. The shock of being struck by a rifle bullet causes it to detonate. It is meant to be loaded into a plastic jar in half pound or one pound quantities and shot.

It looks like fun. I've never had the opportunity to shoot at it. My club does not permit it's use and I haven't wanted to try it badly enough to find someone with enough land to get out in the middle where we wouldn't bother anyone.

I suspect Tannerite and all the other binary target marking explosives are going to be banned sometime soon. Please understand that I'm not saying it should be banned, I'm just saying it's going to be.

People are not content to shoot a half pound of the stuff unconstrained. Of course not. They want to try five pounds, or ten, or thirty. They want to put it in something and make it blow up.

And they don't get far enough away. An eight year old died of injuries sustained in that one.

There's lots of examples. Youtube will serve them up, just start in the side bar of any one of these.


Robert Fowler said...

Since that happened in Oklahoma, I wonder how soon it will be before they have a bill to ban it? We'll probably see something on the national level too. There's plenty of gun haters in DC to suggest such a thing. Maybe it's time to start stocking up.

Jerry The Geek said...

WAY too much data to adequately comment.

Start with the BOOMERSHOOT
( )
.. website. Idaho, folks have been using Tannerite safely for years.

And yes, when you hit it, it's AWESOME!

I was one of the earlier participants in this long-range fun activity, and I love it when I shot at a half-pint milk carton at 200 yards, and it blew up!

Yes, it's dangerous. One of the nicest things about BOOMERSHOOT was that we never walked the range .. until most of the stuff was blown up. Back in The Day, we were invited to walk the range when stuff was "mostly blown up" and engage the target with pistols. Nobody every got hurt when we did this.

Like guns, like cars ... you must observe minimal safety precautions when playing with explosives.

it's a LOT of fun!

PS: Yes, the Gov'ment will make it illegal. It's not that they CARE, it's just that they feel the need to regulate.

Kansas Scout said...

Do we really need Tannerite? Do people really need to blow things up?

Borepatch said...

Kansas Scout, I don't *need* a motorcycle either, and it's much more dangerous than tannerite.


ASM826 said...


If motorcycles were invented today, do you think there is any way they would be permitted on the roads? Why, where are the air bags, the seat belts, the crumple zones?

Robert Fowler said...

Jerry The Geek said...
Yes, the Gov'ment will make it illegal. It's not that they CARE, it's just that they feel the need to regulate.

True, they don't care. They would be happy if 100 gun owners a day would blow themselves up. But they have a need deep down to pass a law, any law. It's just for the feeling of power.

Steve Kupillas said...

The beavers will rebuild within a week. I've seen it happen many times.