Friday, February 20, 2015

But He Was Unarmed!

Of all the lies that get told by and about criminals, one that bothers the most is the "But he was unarmed and you shot him!" lie. If you think the only criminals you have to worry about are the ones carrying guns, I can't help you. It's going to take an altercation with a strong, young, assailant that beats you to the ground and stomps you into unconsciousness to get you in touch with that lesson.

An apparently unarmed assailant may hit you, choke you, kick you, bounce your skull off the pavement. How much injury do you think an unarmed man can do?

In other news, a man who punched a soccer referee in the head for ejecting him from the game plead guilty to manslaughter to avoid trial on 2nd degree murder charges. He hit the ref one time.

John Bieniewicz left behind a wife and two children. He worked in a pediatric dialysis center. He loved soccer and was the president of the Metro Detroit Soccer Officials Organization.

What he wasn't was someone that could recognize the signs of an impending attack and respond appropriately.


Old NFO said...

And he paid with his life...

greg said...

It's one of the reasons that after some soul searching, I am okay with a police shooting in a town near mine, where three officers shot a guy who was 'throwing rocks at them'...SOFTBALL sized rocks...and he didn't respond as expected when they tried using a tazer.

There are a lot of folks mad because 'he wasn't armed!'...but you won't see any of them lining up to let me throw soft-ball...or even baseball, sized rocks at them.

WoFat said...

I did 27 years on the N.O.P.D. (Including Gang Task Force and Asian Squad.) Every body I pointed a gun at did EXACTLY what I told them. I wasn't going to shoot someone just to watch them fall. I know other cops who couldn't hardly walk into a grocery store without some robber trying to shoot them. (I knew one guy who had TWO people point guns at him at point blank range and pull the trigger, only to have the gun go CLICK instead of BANG.) Some people are lucky, others not. And I knew too many unlucky cops who are still dead because of the way things happened.

Divemedic said...

Yet so many insist that you "take your ass whipping like a man"