Monday, January 5, 2015

When Someone Else Is Buying

When I bring my own ammo, it's a a fliptop box of 50 or 100. When it's taxpayer money, it looks like this.


Tony Tsquared said...

I worked as a contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. My commo job required me to travel extensively from one FOB to another and going out to the OPs as well. When I hit the FOB I would find the S6 as my POC, at an OP I would find the (acting) First Sergent as they had their finger in everything that was happening on their AO.

At almost every location, with the exception of the larger bases, the FOB and OP soldiers would invite me to the range once I had finished my work. I was shooting 3 or 4 times a week with M4's, M14, M2, M249, M9, AK74, AK47, and MK19's. I shot thousands of rounds. Once I was at an OP that was shutting down and they had 3000 rounds for a Mk19 that I got to dispose of - fun times.

During most of this time I had a Russian AEK919 that I carried. I was able to get the 9x18 9mm from the military, practice at the range, get re-supplied w/ ammo, and play by their rules. I would also olet them play with the 919 as many of them had never seen one. Life was good.

Old NFO said...

Oh... if ONLY!!!! :-0

genericviews said...

Those were the days. Sea Land container full of ammo and no hand reciepts.


HlynkaCG said...

That particular picture was probably taken at a company range day by the privates who were told to police up the brass ;)

90 rounds (minimum required to stay qualified) for 100+ guys piles up quick.