Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shotgunning in Chicago

This post started with the March 1956 edition of Guns Magazine. On page 16 is an article about a talented skeet shooter named Carola Mandel. It's a mildly sexist piece, about how this little wisp of a 100 pounds can beat the men at competitive shooting. All the men. She was the National Champion in 1954, two days after breaking her foot, she went out and took the 20 gauge championship with a perfect 100. It was just one day in a long career.

In 1956 she was the National All Gauge High Score champ. 12, 20, 28, and .410, again, not the ladies champion, the overall. She was inducted into National Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame in 1970, the first year there was a Hall of Fame. She continued to shoot until 1985 when a wrist injury ended her time on the range. She passed away in 2002 at the age of 82. Here's her obituary in the Chicago Tribune.

But that is not really the topic of this post. This is. In the closing paragraphs of the Guns Magazine article was this quote:
"Sometimes I would shoot over at the Lincoln Park Gun Club. It is only a short distance from my home. Sometimes I would shoot three or four days in a week. Then I would shoot in some local, friendly match on weekends with people I know."
 What?!? Lincoln Park is in Chicago. In the middle of Chicago. And whaddya know? There was a gun club in Lincoln Park. It opened in 1912. They shot skeet and trap at 2901 N. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago until 1991.

Someone noticed and looked for a way to put a stop to it. It was made into an environmental issue, lawsuits were threatened, then the city park district came in during the shutdown and bulldozed everything.

It was never about anything but the guns. We lose by inches, one club at a time.


JohnMXL said...

I sense a theme.

The powers that be closed Meigs Field in much the same way, bulldozing the runway under cover of darkness.

Old NFO said...

That we do, and that is nationwide... dammit...

Dorsai said...

The Lincoln Park Traps, damn, I miss it. I only got to go a few times, I was young and it was expensive (for me, anyway), but I could take the bus or ride my bicycle, rent a gun I couldn't hope to own at that age, and get an experienced instructor to show me the ropes, all without any legal hassle. It was great. That battered old clubhouse was worth the bus fare all by itself. Even if you didn't shoot, it was a wonderful feature of Lincoln Park.

The site now is just another boring stretch of lakefront. Thank you Roland Burris, thank you Mayor Daley Junior, perhaps we'll meet in Hell.

NotClauswitz said...

If you meet him in hell (which I hope YOU don't) he should be recognized as the guy on the ground having his face stomped by a big black boot, over and over, for eternity.

matism said...

I would only point out, Dorsai, that Burris, Daley, et al were enabled by their Blue Wall. The Elite stand behind said Blue Wall and laugh. While the Only Ones play Praetorian Guard in the very worst sense of the term.

Or just HOW LONG do you think the Elite would last should the Only Ones merely stand aside, much less if they would honor their very oaths of office to the Constitution???