Thursday, January 29, 2015


We have:
1. An ongoing problem with global terrorism that we refuse to even name.
2. Russia resurgent in eastern Europe.
3. A crumbling infrastructure.
4. An insurmountable national debt.
5. A national security structure dedicated to surveillance at the cost of the our freedoms.
6. A unending flood of people crossing the southern border.
7. Almost half the population unwilling or unable to work.
8. An ever shrinking manufacturing base.
9. ...whatever other important crisis you would like to add here.

This Sunday, if the NFL decided to play the game with a red rubber kickball, would it matter? If they decided to play by flag football rules to protect the brains of the players, wouldn't that be a good thing?

If they played Calvinball, what would be different next Monday?


Borepatch said...

I vote for Calvinball!

James Zachary said...

THAT would be worth watching.

NotClauswitz said...

They're NOT playing Calvinball?

Unknown said...

Didn't we get an increase of about 3 million employed just by letting the "extension" of unemployment benefits expire?
Not all of the problems are intractable. That improvement was a result of Congress doing nothing.

Sherm said...

"What would be different Monday" is the question I asked years ago when I missed a game or two. The answer, and the NFL strike in the 80s, caused me to miss pretty much every game since then.

bruce said...

calvinball sounds like politics within a party.