Sunday, January 4, 2015

North on I-95, Then South on I-95

I don't know if more drivers are drunk, texting, eating, or plucking their eyebrows, but I saw more close calls on this trip north than ever before. Didn't see any accidents, but it was not because of a lack of effort.


Home on the Range said...

My 3 and a half hour commute from Northern Illinois to Indy to go to work tomorrow took close to six hours (it's usually about 3 and 15) I saw 12 cars spin out and crash into the wall between home and the IN state line, and another 17 cars colliding or off into the gigglebushes between Gary and Indy. It was slicker than snot, very windy with blowing snow and people were trying to drive at 70, tailgating and then wondering why they were headed the other direction with their front in smashed when they hit the brakes.

skybill said...

Hey 'Patch,
'Where 'yat on the '95?? I usta' live in eastern NC off X-52 both on the east and west side!!! Interesting "Stretch" of "Road!!"
Got Gunz??,

Borepatch said...

Skybill, I'm in Atlanta. This as a post by co-blogger ASM826.