Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting This Out Front

The GOP treats fiscal conservatives and libertarian/Tea Party people like an cruel husband treats his wife. The guy just does whatever he wants and if she dares to complain, he says, "What are you going to do? You got nowhere else to go".

In the last few days, the names that are being floated are Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.


Just no.

I would not vote for Gov. Romney last time. Nothing he has done remotely begins to change my mind.

It's time for the Republicans to turn their thinking over. If they want to win, it's going to take some fresh thinking. It's going to take a candidate that sees the debt as a threat to the country's future. It going to take a candidate that recognizes that the collapse of U.S. manufacturing and industry needs to be addressed by legislation that makes moving production to the U.S. more attractive, not less, both for in terms of taxation and regulations. It's going to take a candidate that stands up and says he sees the Bill of Rights to the Constitution as an expression of rights guaranteed by God (or natural law, if you prefer), not rules that can be changed or ignored at whim.

Otherwise, they can continue to lose and in 2016, once again they can wonder why they can't attract enough votes to beat whatever socialist the Democrats nominate. Because the day comes when that wife I mentioned in the opening metaphor decides she would rather live in a cardboard box under a highway overpass than put up with any more of her husband's arrogance.

This is Gov. Romney's answer to a gun control question in the second 2012 debate. This alone was enough to cost him my vote. Here's the whole transcript, if you want to remember what cost him the election.
ROMNEY: Well, Candy, actually, in my state, the pro-gun folks and the anti-gun folks came together and put together a piece of legislation. And it's referred to as an assault weapon ban, but it had, at the signing of the bill, both the pro-gun and the anti-gun people came together, because it provided opportunities for both that both wanted.
There were hunting opportunities, for instance, that haven't previously been available and so forth, so it was a mutually agreed- upon piece of legislation. That's what we need more of, Candy. What we have right now in Washington is a place that's gridlocked.


Old NFO said...

Agreed! Not again...

Divemedic said...

That is the reason why I have left the "President" portion of my ballot blank in the past two elections.

I am, quite frankly, tired of hearing all of my Republican friends telling me to vote for Romney, Bush, or some other RINO simply because they aren't as liberal as the Democrat.

I will no longer play your game. You either represent my interests, or you don't get my vote. Being against my interests to a lesser degree than the other guy just isn't good enough.

chipmunk said...

I know, SERIOUSLY, this is who they're considering to run? There are so many others (I'm personally cheering for Ben Carson). I really do not want to hold my nose & vote Republican just because Hillary Clinton is the Democrat's offering. Did that last time around. Heck, we're doomed either way if a RINO gets elected.

Rick C said...

Carson hasn't shown himself to be a friend of the Second Amendment yet, either, even though he's recently tried to walk back comments.

Jerry The Geek said...

I'd vote for anyone who was a fiscal conservative, stood up for the Constitution, and didn't have "a phone and a pen".

Glen Filthie said...

Well boys you have a choice between a little socialism - or a helluva lot. It's just that simple. Politics is not a zero sum game. If you libertarian types - as a group - choose to sit on your hands and not vote ... that is only marginally less irresponsible than voting democrat. (Not that I care, America is not going to vote its way out of the financial storms ahead).

Most abused wives stay with their husbands. The reason for that is that it is preferable to live with him than live in a shoe box under the bridge where every second failed liberal social experiment can abuse you worse than your husband ever did.

I swear - you libertarians are like children being told they have to eat their veggies before they can have cake. They don't like veggies so they eat nothing and figure that will teach EVERYBODY a valuable lesson. I always laughed and let the kids go hungry when they pulled that crap and I will do the same with you lot as well.

Wraith said...

So, Glen...we've had two "Republican revolutions" in the last four years. Exactly what have these accomplished to turn the tide in any way?

That's right--NOTHING. They're all on the side of money and power, no matter what letter they have after their name. The only reason the GOP even exists today is to make us think we have a say in what's happening to us. We don't, and you might want to wise up to that.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Maybe because the TEA party is seemingly mostly Libertarians and Libertarians are only 1/2 conservative?

Libertarians are conservative on fiscal issues and tend toward the insane, i mean progressive, on social ones.

Small government we can agree on, the rest, well there is a reason I am a Constitution Party member, despite a trend to theonomy.

ASM826 said...


I am certain you would find my stand on a lot of issues insane. You and I don't have to worry, nothing I think is going to pass into law.

I would repeal every gun control law. If you are rehabilitated enough to be let out of jail, you get your rights back, all of them. If we can't trust you with a gun, we can't trust you with a car, gasoline, knives, and 10,000 other things. You should stay in jail.

I would repeal every drug law related to recreational use. Pot to heroin. Knock yourself out. The War on Drugs failed as hard as anything in my lifetime and that's saying something. What we got was a War on the 4th and 6th Amendments and the militarized po-po. What we could do is legalize it, get the police out of it, run it like the business it is and tax it. How much money is Colorado making on pot every month?

On the other side, I would do away with socialized everything. The gov't would not be subsidizing crops or medical care.

I'd balance the budget. Every gov't agency would the same percentage of the budget they get now. The budget would be 90% of the actual money they take in. the remaining 10% would go to start paying down the debt.

Insane I am, just nuts.

R.K. Brumbelow said...


"I would repeal every drug law related to recreational use"

Yeap that is insane.

You are a very Heinleinesque Libertarian, and that is fine as an American you have the right to present and defend those positions. As a contributor to this blog you have the right to express those opinions so long as Google allows you too (since they own blogger).

As a conservative, I encourage both the expression and defense of your ideas, while at the same time (still as a conservative) I will fight, vote and pray that they never become adopted. So as a wise woman(1) once wrote:

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

(1)Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Ominous Cowherd said...

If you hold you nose and vote republican in the general election to keep the evil democrat socialist out of office, you get the evil, republican socialist instead. I can no longer imagine that's an improvement. Not after McStain-Feinstein, not after Weepy Boner's cromnibus, not after the republican house has consistently refused to de-fund 0bamacare year after year.

Holding our noses and voting voting for a socialist republican is what got us into this fix. Do you really think more of the same will get us out of trouble?

It's time to retire your RINO. Vote conservative in the primary, and if your conservative republican candidate doesn't win, vote conservative in the general election, too. Even if it means voting third party, even if it means seeing a democrat socialist win instead of the republican socialist.

There is no longer a downside to voting our conscience: the republicans are trying to out-liberal the democrats. Republicans may run center, but when they get to DC, they reign hard-left - just like the democrats they love to ape.

ASM826 said...


Your comment, "You are a very Heinleinesque Libertarian" is one of the finest compliments I've received in a long time. It means to me that I clearly stated my views and that I am at least consistent in the way I espoused them.

As I said, I think you and the country are in no danger that my ideas will be adopted, so I can be viewed with some amusement and dismissed as a crank.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

I like Heinlein, got a lot of things right, complete wackjob on some issues, but still a favourite author and recommended reader, so I can assure you that it was meant as descriptive and not condemningly, glad you took it as a complement.

I would rather have 2 Heinleins than 1 progressive any day. Even if you are not a conservative ;)

Will said...

so, what is it about our 2nd "War on Some Drugs"tm, that makes you feel good? Obviously, you didn't mind the results of the first one. Some of us think there were lessons to learn from that. You are aware of the definition of insanity, yes? You know, repeating the same thing, and expecting different results?

I'm not happy with people who want to waste their life with excessive drug use, but it's THEIR LIFE, not mine, to control. I assume you neither use nicotine or drink alcohol, or anything with ANY sort of body/mind effect. Basically water only. If they get stupid and harm someone while under the influence, I want them HAMMERED by the law, not our normal slap on the wrist routine. You are consistent about ALL drug use, yes?

So, what drives you to agree with our militarized police situation? And all the baggage that goes with giving the .gov so much power?

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Will, I am not stupid enough to buy the li(n)e: "it's THEIR LIFE, not mine"

Not only is that total BS, I do not know anyone who really believes it. Even my life, lived almost in complete and total isolation from others, still impacts the world.

So, go take the rest of your straw-men and stick them the same place.

The biggest problem with the so called war on drugs is that it created people like you, to stupid to realize we do not live in complete and total isolation, but rather as a community of people and as a community we acknowledge that there are actually rights and wrongs, good and bad, moral and amoral. we realize this and come together to make laws which protect idiots like you from both your self and the anarchy you would like to see.

How's that for an answer?

Lord, save me from blue headed buffoons...

Will said...


I asked for the reasons why you like big government trying to control everything, and yet you talked about wanting small government.

If I am correctly reading you, between all the bad mouthing that seems to be your only way of conversing, what you want is to control every facet of everybody's life, except you want the government to do it for you. Because nobody is as smart as you. Sounds like a typical liberal, leftwing ideologue. Yet, you claim to be a conservative.

If the current GOP thinks like you do, than that is their problem right there. I was a conservative 40 yrs ago, and I have moved a bit farther away from where the Liberals/Progressives were in that time. It appears that the GOP is desperately chasing after them, while they are running for the far horizon. I'm not alone in thinking that the GOP is toast, because of this.

Name-calling is what most socialists respond with when questioned. If I wanted to be barked at, I could just cross the road and challenge the coyote pack. Would be more interesting, and entertaining.

R.K. Brumbelow said...


Not only do you string along straw-men, but you have only enough reading comprehension to twist what someone says to your inane views.

You started off attacking me. Quite frankly I think you are a bluehead troll and I take your argumentation as such. When you decide to play like a real person, maybe I will take you seriously. Until then, keep quiet at the children's table.