Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Camera Attachment

We get attached to things. Cars, bicycles, rifles, houses, cameras, and on and on.

I boxed up an old camera tonight. Happy to see it going to where it might be used again.

But as I held it for the last time, it was a letting go. I held it up one last time and looked through the viewfinder. I thought of all the miles and days that camera traveled. When I took it to Korea, I was committed to carrying it with me all the time. It went everywhere with me for a couple of months. In Japan, I could lock it up in the squadron area, but I had it with me most of the time.

After I got home, it went to the beach a couple of hundred times. It chronicled births, birthday parties, funerals, Christmases, camp outs, and all the days in between.  There are thousands of prints and slides semi-organized and now awaiting the scanner.

This was taken looking out from Elliot's Beach. It's on the far end of Parris Island. Probably about 1984.


Anonymous said...

I still have a Minolta SRT 101 that I borrowed from my Dad in 1983 to go to a space shuttle launch. He bought a new Nikon soon after and never asked for it back. But I know I haven't shot with it in 5 years.

Personally I love it, all manual everything except a light meter. Like driving a stick shift.

SiGraybeard said...

I understand completely. When I went digital, I put my old SLR on the shelf. At the time, they were selling for pennies on the dollar, so why sell? It's more valuable to me as a souvenir.

Mine is a Minolta SRT-202, BTW.

Old NFO said...

I have a few old ones, they sit on the shelf too... Too many memories to let them go.

Anonymous said...

I've got a couple oldies, too, notably a PX-purchased Canon FT/QL from the late '60s (had three at one point, this is the survivor, along with some lenses), and a Pentax auto. Keep 'em for nostalgia, I guess.

All my digitals are fair to good quality pocket shooters, kept handy in gloveboxes, saddlebags or jacket pockets. Some day I'll get a really good DSLR, just as soon as I find a need for that quality level of photographs.

I've been following Tam's adventure, and with her post today RE: The Darkroom, an online developing service, I realized I don't know where I'd take film if I had any needing processing. I used to do my own B&W, but that was decades ago and the equipment is long gone.

Tam said...

It will be well-loved. It looks like it's been imbued with a lot of good picture-taking mojo, too. :)