Friday, January 2, 2015

Bono Makes A Public Statement

Bono, frontman for the Band U2, took a very bad fall off a bicycle in November. He is 54 and his injuries included fractures to his left eye socket, shoulder blade and left elbow. The elbow had to be replaced.

He is, in his own words, unable to move around physically since the accident and thinks it unlikely that he will ever play a guitar again.

Whatever you think of his music and his politics, his life has been permanently altered by one moment.


Old NFO said...

That it has, but he also survived it!

tsquared said...

So he gives up? He has subjugated himself as a couch potato since he has enough money to live a few lifetimes and can pay the doctors to write scrips for all kinds of interesting meds.

ASM, where would we be now if Borepatch had the same attitude? The big difference is the will for a long meaningful life, Borepatch has that with his New Year Resolution. Bono is just giving up.

I like U2's music but they are musicians, like actors, they live a fantasy life and cannot relate to the real world.

Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

He may, however, change his mind when the drugs wear off.

Rich in NC

zuk said...

I believe from news reports that he was selfishly riding fast and recklessly when he had his accident.

You wouldn't get the extensive injuries he received in a low speed shunt:

"Dean Lorich, a surgeon who operated on Bono, gave a statement Rolling Stone saying that Bono fractured his eye socket, his shoulder blade, his upper arm, and his left pinky finger. The upper arm injury sounds particularly painful—his humerus bone broke into six pieces, went through his skin, and required five hours of surgery. "

Here's what his bandmate, the Edge says:

"“It was a Sunday, a lot of people in the park and he just wasn’t paying enough attention,” he continued, referencing the accident. “He was going fast down a bit of a hill and somebody came out onto the cycle way, he swerved to avoid them and just went straight over the bars.”

No sympathy from me, as he was clearly endangering others.

NotClauswitz said...

You'd think a guy who hopped around on stage a lot would be more dexterous and agile, but past 50 we really don't heal as fast after a tumble.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Sometimes our world suddenly changes, sometimes it slowly changes, it almost always however changes. Bono is an interesting character and he is active in a number of areas which I suspect he will become more active, but less so in direct music playing.

Being harsh against him at this time is simply puerile and deeply ironic in particular cases. He already works actively to avoid degeneration from severe glaucoma (the reason why he wears sunglasses all the time) so even an amputated arm would not stop him, though it might stop him from playing a guitar professionally, as has been said: The Western World is not dependent on such.

Sherm said...

I used to bike a lot. For a time it was even my primary mode of transportation. However, I now have some balance issues and, I think wisely, have not ridden a bike for 18 years. I may be able to ride just fine but the expense of being wrong is more than I care to pay. Gravity doesn't care if I'm six or sixty.

SiGraybeard said...

While I don't care much for his music, I am sorry to hear of his injury.

I'm enough of a guitarist to know that musicians experience the world differently from non-musicians (I don't consider myself a musician, so you know). It will be a special kind of emotional torment for him to be deprived of his ability to pull emotions out of his guitar. I'm sorry to hear that.

While we'd surely agree on lots, he seems like a decent man - and things I've heard from him lately sound rather conservative.

As RK Brumbelow said, many times life changes quickly for us all. My wife and I were hit by a car while bike riding ourselves, 15 years ago almost to the day. I'm developing untreatable problems from that these days, although not as bad as Bono's. At least not yet.