Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Only Ones

What police have is a vested authority. We choose to give certain powers to individuals that, in theory, take on professionally the responsibilities that make society safer for all of us. We give them power.

What happens is what always happens with power. Police are not unique. They are human, corruptible, and prone to all the same problems as the rest of us. They spend their time dealing with the problems most us don't ever see. At the very least it changes them, they are less trusting, more likely to commit suicide, and as a group, insular.

They have training, weapons, and authority. Any challenge to that authority is met with as much force as necessary to eliminate it. Once an interaction with law enforcement is begun, total compliance is the only possible route. I am not saying cops are evil. I am saying they are in a thankless job that trains them to be wary. I am saying that compliance gets you through a police interaction uninjured.

I know this. I am a neatly groomed white male in my late 50s. None the less, if I am stopped, I am polite, speak calmly, wait for instructions. If it is a traffic stop, I turn off the vehicle, roll down the window, sit with my hands open on the steering wheel. I instructed my children when they were old enough to do the same.

I understand both sides of the ongoing protests. I know there are and have been terrible abuses by some police and governmental agencies. I know there are situations that go wrong very fast and leave a policeman with a split second decision to use deadly force. We could go back and forth trading stories.

What I do not understand is why so many people think it is a good idea to create a society in which the police are are only ones to be armed.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Technical Details: Due to the number of Lawpersons who have killed doing Traffic Stops by IDIOT DRIVERS WHO CAN'T SEEM TO REALIZE THAT FLASHING LIGHTS MEANS "STAY AWAY," I make it a habit to pull over as far as I can, turn on my Flashers AND Interior Lights, stick BOTH HANDS OUT THE WINDOW AND LEAVE THEM THERE, and say in a Loud Voice as the Officer approaches "I have a Concealed Carry Permit AND a Firearm. What are your orders?" Then I follow them to the Letter.

Every little bit helps.

Merry Christmas!

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Growing up I had an respect for the police driven into me reenforced by excellent police. As a teenager I lost this respect due to very poor treatment by the police, for example:
Having a firearm drawn on me by an officer during a routine traffic stop BEFORE the officer even got to my vehicle.
I have been arrested for having a tail light out (yes that is an arrest able offense in Texas because the officer dropped his pad and some idiot ran over it then having my car towed from 300 ft from home because of said tail light being out.
I have been arrested and charged with a felony for deleting the software licenses for software that was licensed in my name from corporate computers when I resigned even though I informed the boss that I would be removing my licenses and he needed to purchase his own for the company. He then claimed that he fired me 2 days before and so I was on the premises illegally and so was charged with burglary and computer trespass. I paid my fines and had all of my civil rights restored (as is proven by the fact that I have an FFL now) but the fact of the matter is that I now have no faith in the police.
I have been run off of my own property by a police officer who claimed that squatters had more rights than I had and he would arrest me for disturbing the peace if I did not leave.

The town I live in has the highest crime rate of any local in Georgia higher than Detroit *in the top 1% of the country and had a large portion of its police force arrested for running a series of chop shops.

Decades ago the police attracted a particular kind of individual predominantly. Today it attracts bullies and power mongers.

The police will be treated with ostensible respect but it is merely tolerance.

Also did I really need to reverify the Captcha about -6- no now 7 times ? it times out based either on time.

Having only the police armed will only lead to an increase in the kinds of abuses I have seen.