Thursday, December 25, 2014


One of the standout toys of my childhood was a Spirograph.

You had to be careful, just the right amount of pressure, one wheel pinned to the paper, but if you were careful, you could make interesting complex geometric drawings. If you are old enough (and geeky enough) you remember this toy.

Well, here it is, or at least it's close cousin, The Inspirograph. Draw them, save them, print them out. Never make a slip or skip a tooth.


Goober said...

The spirograph was awesome. I had the one with the arm that would allow you to do two at once that was the most complex, horrible to use thing, ever, but if you could make it work, it made some awesome patterns.

kx59 said...

Loved that toy as a kid.
It was like watching magic as the pattern developed.

Chickenmom said...

Thanks Borepatch! It's still as much fun to play with today as it was back then!

Ken said...

We had one of those back in the '60s. It was fun -- took concentration not to slip a tooth.