Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar

Hasbro makes Play-Doh. They also make lots of toys that cut or press Pay-Doh into shapes. You can imagine that a tube you put extrudable material into might be vaguely phallic in shape. The frosting press in my kitchen drawer is tubular, too.

Heck, the Saturn 5 rockets men went to the moon in are vaguely phallic. Bill Clinton apparently noticed the phallic nature of cigars during his time in the White House. Everything from bananas to cucumbers have been commented on for their shape.

So the parents that took a look at their kids Christmas toy and got worked up by the shape of it are probably projecting, right? And to demand that Hasbro come up with a different design and provide free replacements to their customers is just evidence of their rigidity. They're obviously using this as an opening to insert their own issues into.

The way the toy works is you wrap your hand around it, press down and the Play-Doh squirts out the end.


Guffaw in AZ said...

"evidence of their rigidity."

The Fifth Grader in me snickered.


Borepatch said...

They see you trollin'. They hatin' ...

Unknown said...


Kinda sound like a Homer Simpson invention.

Ted said...

Dear Customer,

We will gladly consider any alternate design proposals that meet the production requirements for this component. Please keep in mind that the force required to operate the component must be below the threshold shown in the specs, it must fit within the packaging guideline and the tooling and production costs within budgetary restraints.

........ And, of course, it must fulfill the actual purpose of the component -- allowing children to creatively use Play-doh.

...... And now apparently it also can't resemble something that an adult with an overactive imagination might be offended by.....For whatever unknown reason no matter how obsurd it might be.

Good luck ........ You're going to need it

The product design team

Old NFO said...

Um... er... snerk...

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Expatriate Owl said...

Dream Interpretation Simplified:

Everything's either
concave or -vex,
so whatever you dream
will be something with sex.

-- Piet Hein

Unknown said...

Leaving toy design to your summer interns can be dangerous, especially if the rest of the staff is a bunch of squares with no imagination (or libido one can assume).