Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pistols and every sort of information and discussion related to pistols. I found this forum doing a Google search to find out more information about Tam's recent post about her Smith & Wesson Model 21-4.

I started reading and like the focused approach. Just scratching the surface, I will share one link. This is something I am working on myself. Can you shoot as accurately and fast with just your dominant hand? How about your weak hand? What if you break your dominant arm and have to wear a cast? Are you prepared to carry weak hand?


Tam said...

It's the only gun forum I bother following anymore, actually.

Anonymous said...

Some years back we had a stage that required donning an oven mitt on the strong hand (said mitt had the thumb securely sewn to the hand). Everyone found it, if not enjoyable, at least somewhat educational.

Pro tip: If you try this, provide a carpet-covered table on which reloads may be performed. Safer that way.

Jeff B said...

In the past, I never thought much about weak-hand shooting.

Then three weeks ago, I got a nasty stye on my right eyelid. It seeps at night, crusting my eyelid shut, and the antibiotic goop that the doctor gave me gives me a "smeared windshield and I'm out of washer fluid" sensation.

I find myself wishing I had spent a bit of time shooting left-handed.