Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Did You Ever Hear of Kevin Quick?

Ever, even in passing, hear the name Kevin Quick? Lead story on NBC? Front page of USA Today for weeks at a time? No? Name doesn't ring a bell?

I'll give you some hints.

It happened earlier this year.
He was a police officer.
He was white.
It involved black suspects.

Here's the broad outline from the Lowell Sun's editorial page:
 Earlier this year in Virginia, Waynesboro police officer Kevin Quick was kidnapped and murdered by four black gang members with affiliation to a national gang from Los Angeles. Quick was driven from ATM to ATM where he was made to withdraw money, then driven into the woods where he was executed as a way for the murderers to move up in the gang.

Don't talk to me about Ferguson where the officer was forced to shoot to defend his own life.  Explain to me what happened to Kevin Quick and why the news of his death at the hands of the Bloods got dumped down the memory hole.


Archer said...

Or Officer David Smith, of the Johnson City (NY) Police Department.

TL/DR: Officer Smith was sucker-punched in his patrol car, the suspect took his gun, shot and killed him with it, and was eventually killed in a shoot-out with another officer.

These kinds of things happen, and it's precisely why lethal force is immediately authorized in a scuffle over the officer's gun. If Darren Wilson had not fired, I have no doubts the incident in Ferguson would have played out exactly like this, but we didn't hear about it, I believe, because the suspect was also white.

chiefjaybob said...

Local story. Not a hate crime. Move along.

Anonymous said...

And Holder is said to have taken the death penalty off the table for teh bloods. I don't see how that is possible since that is a state matter and Virginia didn't ask Holder for his opinion on the matter.