Friday, December 5, 2014

Bethlehem Steel

This week they are starting demolition of the "L" blast furnace at old Beth Steel site in Sparrows Point, Maryland. That furnace used to make ten thousand tons of steel a day.

The following is from Lehigh Valley PBS, so there's some bias, but all in all, a pretty good documentary on the death of Bethlehem Steel. It is mostly focused on the works in Pennsylvania, but there is a section on Sparrows Point about half way through.


Laura said...

that's kinda sad. Beth Steel has touched a lot of lives here in Baltimore.

Cap'n Jan said...

My old splashing grounds... I knew every inch of the Chesapeake. Baltimore was not my favorite sailing destination, thug-rich even back in the late 60's. Almost anywhere else on the bay your boat would be safe while you went ashore. Not so around Baltimore.

Still, I loved it. I remember the industrial areas well, although they have almost, to a one, given way to high rises and condos along the shores.

Thanks for posting this. Quite interesting! Lots I didn't know.

Cap'n Jan