Friday, November 14, 2014

Proof That It Has Happened At Least Once

Yesterday, in St, John's Hospital in Golden Valley, Minn., a man attacks the nurses with a metal pole from a bed frame. A series of shomen overhead strikes, one after another. Bringing the energy, full swings from far behind his head. One of the nurses had a collapsed lung, another had broken wrists.

In the dojo, this always seemed like a stylized attack I would never see. 


S Kralik said...

Actually this hospital is in Maplewood MN, first ring suburb of St Paul and not Golden Valley. I recognize that ER because of all the times I brought my mother there during the past 5 plus years.

AndyN said...

In the dojo, how often does someone demonstrate an attack against a fleeing opponent? I'm not trying to blame the victims, but I suspect that if one of them was facing him and standing her ground, he wouldn't have made it all the way through that exaggerated backswing.

waepnedmann said...

I agree that shomen is something I thought I would only see in the dojo.

I think yokomen would be a more common street attack due to the average person's familiarity with the technique of swinging a baseball bat learned as a youngster.

I do love the feel and flow of iriminage off of a shomen.