Monday, November 24, 2014

One Million Steps

Here's a book recommendation. And here's an interview with the author, Bing West. Mr. West was an infantry officer in VietNam, served as an assistant Secretary of Defense under Pr. Reagan, and authored a series of books. I think this one is his best work.

This book is about a platoon at war. Really at war. This isn't nation building. This is small unit patrols, IEDs, and casualties. Day after day.

One Million Steps should be mandatory reading for every citizen who wants to understand the reality of the war we are in with those who would destroy our civilization and kill us. It is a stunning, sobering, and brilliantly written book.”—Newt Gingrich


Anonymous said...

nation building is just like that. most of the 24 friends I have lost died "nation building" from daily patrols, IED's and what not

Old NFO said...

Its on my reading list.