Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 1775

It's the 239th anniversary of the founding of the Marine Corps on November 10th, 1775. It wasn't the United States Marine Corps at it's founding, because there wasn't any United States. Wouldn't be a United States until June of 1788, almost 13 years later.

The Marine Corps is all of us, the ones who took the Oath, not just the good ones, not just the heroes, and not just those who served in combat.

It's the PFC guarding the gate, standing there in a cold rain at 0300.

It's the supply clerk, working at a keyboard keeping inventory.

It's the avionics tech, pushing a cart with tools and test equipment out to a helicopter.

It's the Reservists, doing weekends, training to keep up readiness.

It's the Colonel working in the Pentagon, writing reports and planning for contingencies which will never happen.

It's the wounded vet, pushed around the system, medically retired and unable to work.

It's the guys who served decades ago, who still put an emblem on the back window of their pick-up, still stand up when they hear the Hymn, and will always be proud of who they were and what they did.

It's the guys who went in after Pearl Harbor, mostly gone now.

It's the guys who went in after 9/11.

And it's the rows and rows of headstones.

We hold the history. We have the institutional memory. We have a million stories and most of them can be started with Once Upon A Time... "This is no shit, I was there."

What we are, what we cannot help but be, what we will always be, are Marines.

Happy Birthday, Semper Fidelis.


juvat said...

Thank God for the United States Marines!

Old NFO said...

Well done BP... And oh so fitting...

NotClauswitz said...


Dan said...

Hooah--er, Oorah!

burt said...

Thank you, BP. Well done, sir!

Goober said...

My brother drives around with a sticker on his truck's back window:

"Not as lean. Not as mean. Still a Marine."

It's a point of pride to him.

And it should be.