Monday, November 17, 2014

I Want to Start a Movement

I have watched the Christmas trend grow like a tinsel covered cancer. It took Thanksgiving decades ago. Now it's swallowed Halloween. The stores put Christmas lights and fake trees up for sale when they they put away the Back-To-School sales.

Three weeks ago the Big Green Siren Caffeine Delivery Shop put up the red menus, put out all the gift boxes and generally gave up on Thanksgiving before it even arrived. It was like being grabbed in a headlock by Santa Claus just to get a cuppa joe.

So here's my proposal. I've already done it personally. I've done it for years.

I do not shop for Christmas presents until after Thanksgiving. After Black Friday I do my shopping, such as it is. Refuse to participate and it will go away. They only do it because it is profitable.

Tell your friends. Tell your family. There's three thousand readers of this blog. Some of you are bloggers. Put it on your site, too. Call it the Take Back Thanksgiving Movement. Give the Thanksgiving holiday it's place back. Don't let it just be a speed bump in the race to Christmas. We can do this.

 One more thing, a recent additional symptom to the situation, is stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day. Bad enough that our police, fire, and hospital services have to work. Forcing people to give up their Thanksgiving holiday to open up the Big Box Junk Shop is a terrible manifestation of the overall problem. I would not go to a store to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day under any circumstances.

Take the pledge. Stand in solidarity with us. Link arms and sing a couple of verses of Alice's Restaurant. If no one went on Thanksgiving, the stores would give up and be closed next year. If no one would shop for presents before Black Friday, the terrible specter of Christmas trees on sale the week after Fourth of July could be put to rest.

Remember it started here at Borepatch and march on.


Old NFO said...

Agreed, and I'm going to steal this... :-)

NotClauswitz said...

Agreed. I will NOT shop on "Black Friday" or Thanksgiving - hell I don't even shop for Christmas "presents" anymore...

Michael Brahier said...

Agreed. It sickens me. More over, I've been trying to get my family to just forego shopping and pick a charity. We are blessed and I know I don't need another gift. Some folks are hurting though.

lelnet said...

I have one relative, residing in my state-of-origin (which I generally only visit for Thankgiving and Christmas), for whom welcome gifts can be _reliably_ found at one particular store that doesn't exist in my state-of-residence.

The plan this year is to look around at a few stores around here, before Thanksgiving, to see if we can get her a gift locally. If that doesn't work, we'll buy something at that one place.

Since Black Friday is the only day we'll be within driving distance of the absolutely-reliable source until late in the evening on Christmas Eve (or, depending on how schedules work out with visiting my in-laws, on Christmas Day) I will not be abiding strictly by either of your proposed dicta.

However, I nevertheless agree that, as a guideline if not a hard rule, it is a good idea.

And I do not shop on Thanksgiving. I may find myself having to refuel the car, and will certainly be requiring the services of hotel staff, but I won't even go to the grocery store...let alone some big-box retailer trying to push Black Friday back a day at the cost of all their employees' access to their families.

Goober said...

I'm a last minute type anyway, so I'm with you regardless.

Mrs. Goober, on the other hand...

Well, let's just say I can't help you there.

Jon said...

We actually shop for presents all year round, especially when we're traveling, and then just put them in a bin upstairs to hold until it's time to ship them. We love buying local crafts and so forth, or picking up something we know one of our kids will appreciate, long before the holiday season "specials" take over. I've only shopped a couple of times on Black Friday in my life, and I was in and out for a particular deeply discounted item before most people got up for the day. I just ignore the
Christmas hype when it arrives earlier each year.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I rarely buy at the big boxes anyway, and It'll be easy to spread that around everywhere else.