Thursday, November 27, 2014

Family Thanksgiving

There's family you're born into and family you choose. Today, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with three other families in our community. We are all at different points in our lives. We are not related. We do not go to church together. It is not because we are all at the same stages in our lives. It is not working together.

 The oldest is living alone. He recently had to put his wife in a care facility because of advance Alzheimer's.

Mrs. ASM and I have no children at home, although the one that still lives locally will be joining us. He is friends with these people in his own right.

The third couple has one son. He is a college freshman and does live at home.

The fourth couple, the ones who will host our Thanksgiving, have three children. They have a set of teen-age twin boys, both with autism, and in a display of hope and love that I am in awe of, they have a one year old.

So what is it that brought us together? That puts my 26 year old son in a position to say he is friends with a 75 year old and a couple of other middle age guys?

All of us met each other because of the shooting sports. I met one when I was looking for advice about buying a rifle. One met me a few months later when he was looking to buy a rifle and he got directed to me because it was the same type and model I had recently purchased. The third I met at the range. He was my son's mentor for his senior project, where he researched and then built a muzzleloader.

That was the beginning of the basis of our friendship. It grew from there. Support and labor to help each other. Time spent on shared projects. Time spent at the range. Our wives know each other. We are involved in each others lives. We are family and we will gather later today to give thanks and share a meal.

Among other things, I am making the rolls.


David said...

Shooting enthusiasts are good people. We have a wide range of friends, but it's the shooters that seem to make the most genuine friends, despite any differences of politics or faith.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

JMD said...

The rolls are a "keeper" we are wearing shorts and bbq' in AZ. Have a good day.

Brigid said...

Almost all of my friends are into shooting sports. Some I met at the range, some I met gun blogging, others are friends of friends. When I lost Barkley and Big Bro, they rallied around me. I'm grateful for that.

burt said...

Isn't it interesting how most folks involved in shooting sports are folks who seem to be good-hearted, open, generous, and folks you willingly want to spend time with, while most of the rabid anti-gun folks are... none of the above?

NotClauswitz said...

burt ++ And take care of each other too.