Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chrysler Is Now FCA

FCA, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. As part of this they are doing away with the Chrysler pentagon star logo, commonly called the Pentastar. The logo has been around since 1962.

This has prompted a movement to save the logo.

I suppose if you had fond memories of Chryslers like this one, there might be some nostalgia for the old logo.

My memories of cars that carried the Pentastar will always be tainted by the K-Car era and Lee Iacocca. In case your memories of this time have been mercifully wiped, here's Lee and the 1982 Chrysler offering. His last comment, "If you can find a better car, buy it.", is exactly why we have so many Nissan and Toyotas on the road.


bluesun said...

The K-car gave us so many great Red Green segments.

Tony Tsquared said...

I have owned 2 Dodges and both were bought new: 1992 1-ton w/ Cummins Diesel - drive train was solid but everything else fell apart when it was 4 years old. 1993 Caravan did almost the same thing but at three and half years with only 40K miles on it. The fit and integrity of the hardware dissipated over a very short period of time. I took a bath on both vehicles on trade in. I will never own anything related to Dodge again.

I will now only buy European cars and Ford trucks (I might could be persuaded on a GMC truck but it would take a lot). I currently have a Toyota Tundra - don't ask it to pull a load or do any real work. My philosophy on cars is to buy new and drive them for 8 to 12 years.

KurtP said...

That video was right about the time Chrysler was asking for their 1st .gov bailout- wasn't it?

drjim said...

The car with the red wire wheels is called the "Imperial Speedster", and was the subject of a Hot Rod magazine article last year.

bruce said...

family had a 61 imperial, bought because it could tow a trailer without noticing the load. Big car, big motor, and electric everything.
Dad did all the service on the car, iirc removing the rear spark plug involved a bit of cussing and time.
Ostentatious? maybe, but talk about art on wheels

Ken said...

I had a '71 Duster (slant 6, Torqueflite, about four moving parts in toto and could get by with three in a pinch) that I was fond of, learned a lot about brake work. But we also had a '70 Dart and a '74 Duster that were just flat execrable, and the '78 Dodge van with the 318 warn't much better...make that "any" better.

Goober said...

My escapades into chrysler company ownership have all been proof that chrysler is incapable of building a vehicle that is worth my money. Even their hd trucks, with the renowned cummins engine that will last forever, deteriorate at an appalling rate around that great engine. What good is a 500,000 mile engine in a truck that will be complete junk at 80,000 miles?