Sunday, November 16, 2014

Behind The Ranges on Work Day

One a month, on Saturday morning, the ranges are closed for work day. Target backers are replaced, trash dumped, and painting/repair/groundskeeping projects are taken care of. Sometimes you get a large crew. Sometimes only a few people show up. There's a membership discount for participation, so there's an incentive to come at least a few times a year.

Yesterday, only four of us attended. Since it was my turn to be in charge, it made my job easy. We replaced the backer boards, emptied all the trash, cleaned the clubhouse and the heads and called it good. That left us with some time before the ranges opened.

The club property is bordered on one side by a river. There's an old carriage path that runs along the river. We keep it open. A couple of times a year we walk the path with chain saws and brush clearing tools, then run a tractor with a bush hog along it. It's behind the ranges, so when shooting is permitted, this area is closed off.

It was just a chance to take a hike and see how many trees had fallen across the path. It's a beautiful part of the club property. Second or third growth trees just starting to get some size. The river high or low depending on the season. Lots of wildlife since hunting is not permitted and there's normally no one in the area.


B said...

As one of the few who at my range keeps the property and building up and clean and all that, let me say thank you for doing the work you did.

Too often in clubs it is "someone else's job"

Old NFO said...

Thanks for stepping up!

Jerry The Geek said...

One of the hallmarks of the Firearms Community (excuse the libo-speech) is the volunteerism that keeps it working.

My home range encourages volunteer work parties in the same way; there's a discount on annual dues, and at the same time there's a core membership which just wants to be part of the solution.

Shooting clubs depend on their membership for more than range maintenance. Management/administration, training, match organization and Range Safety are almost always all-volunteer efforts.

Some clubs actually hire people; my club has a core cadre of 3 people. The club membership is over 2500 and growing monthly. Almost all of the programs are run by volunteers ... some of whom might be cadre.

How many organizations can claim so much support from volunteers? Only those whose devotion to the ideals are rock-solid and bone-deep.

Skip said...

Our club (Lemoore Sportsmen s Club) is like that of JTGs. We have two employees paid through a temp agency who do a terrific job and special projects, (sun shade over a trap range are volunteers).
At 1100 members we have the resources to give members a nice place to enjoy their sport.
We also bring in a little money with contracts with the sheriffs dept., CHP, Probation, Navy, etc.
It's why we win.