Wednesday, October 22, 2014

There's Bubba'd and Then There's This

This is sporterized, not bubba'd. Now maybe you think that he shouldn't have, but he did was done extremely well. From CalGuns, an example of what can be done with a K-31 Swiss if you have about 3 months and some money to spend.

Most of the original stock is under there. In the pictures you can see how they milled parts of it flat and then added what you see here.

 Then here's the write-up and lots of pictures, including several of the finished rifle. And finally a quote explaining why he did it.
"...this was a hell of a fun project and its now a one of a kind K!"


Old NFO said...

If it makes him happy... And you have to give him credit for doing a 'complete' job! :-)

NotClauswitz said...

The trigger on mine was so good, I'm wondering about altering the geometry so much with a pistol grip.

Windy Wilson said...

What I really want is a synthetic sporter stock for the K-31, but I appear to be the only one in the world who wants such a thing.