Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The UN Weighs In

From SkyNEWS comes this report from the UN commissioner for ebola. The UN is predicting we have 60 days to get on top of this outbreak or it will cascade beyond any hope of control.

It isn't just the disease. It's the chaos, the disruption of food and fuel delivery, and in the end, the mob. A couple of cases Three cases in Dallas have already cost millions. How many ebola infected patients can the system care for before there aren't enough trained health care workers to care for them? What happens after that? Just tell them to go home and stay there?

As an single example, Dr. Nancy L. Snyderman is an American physician, author, and broadcast journalist. She served as a medical correspondent for ABC News for 15 years, and since 2006 she has been the chief medical editor for NBC News. She accepted a voluntary quarantine after one of the news crew she had been working with in Liberia came down with ebola. A smart, educated physician, capable of understanding the risks and maintaining a high standard of isolation to protect the community? Not so much. Now her quarantine is mandatory because she decided to go get take-out at her favorite restaurant.
But forget about the nominally smart, first-world  U.S. for a moment. What happens if when it reaches Mumbai, Hong Kong, Rio, Manila, Mexico City or any and all the other overcrowded cities in the world?

Here's what Dallas is saying about what they have done so far. Can they keep it up? Can they afford to? Can they afford not to? Meanwhile flights are arriving. Here's what the worldwide flight map looks like every day.


Old NFO said...

Where is the WHO??? Haven't heard a peep out of them on this!

joethefatman said...

@ Old NFO

And where is the designated US government official that is supposed to be handling ebola prevention/containment? The position was created 10 years ago and yet no-one seems to realize that it even exists.

Goober said...

You don't think that position was created in order to install a competent leader in Ebola infection outbreak do you?

That job has "boondoggle created to pay back a friend or cRony by giving them an important sounding job where they'll never have to actually do shit" written all 9ver it.

NotClauswitz said...

The missing Ebola Czar who funneled money to a big donor's company and "away from a company that was developing a treatment NOW being used on Ebola patients.” (my emph.)
Kinda like Michelle O's hospital job that was never re-staffed after she left, just a way to funnel funds to friends and play musical chairs.

FrankC said...

Amazingly stupid doctor left her, self imposed, 21 day quarantine after only 2 weeks. "But I'm healthy".
Now wait a further 2 weeks to be sure.

Oh! and most restaurants would take a telephoned order and your credit card. Leave the food outside the door to be picked up. No biggy.