Friday, October 3, 2014

The Pig

The M60 machine gun. A gun developed from the lessons of WWII, it is a gas operated, air cooled, belt-fed weapon that fires the same standard 7.62X51 NATO ammunition as the M-14. Here's a history of the development and use. It's an iconic weapon from the Vietnam era, one of the statues at The Wall is carrying one. 

Here's a wallpaper sized image. Click to biggify.

newrebeluniv has this one checked as his grail gun. There are some transferable ones available, running $30,000 and up. I'm guessing his second purchase would be some truckloads of belted ammo to go with it, and a fair sized pile of spare parts.

Update: One man's grail gun is another man's day at the range. Murphy's Law has one. Here are his posts on his M-60.


Murphy's Law said...

Uh...Got one.

M60 belts can be linked by hand very easily, which is really nice. As for spare parts, all you really need is bolts, operating rods and a few spare barrels, unless you get the MK43 upgrade, and then all you need is more ammo.

Old NFO said...

Yep, I was gonna say Murph's got one. Fun gun... BTDT from helos...

ASM826 said...


Updated the post to include your link.

Murphy's Law said...

Cool. Come on up and put some rounds though it sometime. And three more for sale on Sturm.

armedlaughing said...

I knew a guy who had one. Once. Spent all week reloading to shoot his wad on the weekends.
Then, he had to file BK, and had to sell her.


newrebeluniv said...

They are only $30K because our government would rather melt them down than let provate citizens have them. Army replaced them all with M-240B, so there should have been (in any rational country) a few ten thousand going into private hands for dirt cheap.