Friday, October 17, 2014

Remington 597

ZerCool starts us off hatin' on his:

Remington 597, which was the first gun I bought myself. It had an out-of-battery discharge and left its extractor/plunger combination somewhere in a cornfield and a handful of powder freckles on my hand. I had a 'smith fix it, but it never worked right again.

Failures to feed, failures to fire, on and on. I tried every tweak and tune I could find online (changing tension on guide rods, new magazines, thorough cleanings, etc) and it still refused to work right. I finally put the thing on a classified ad, cheap, with a full disclosure of what had happened and what it was doing, and sold it down the road to be someone else's problem.

This is Remington's alternative to the Ruger. A fairly popular little rifle in .22LR, it was offered in .17HMR but had to be recalled and discontinued. ZerCool doesn't mention the chambering of his gun, but .22 is the the common one. You can get one used for about $125.00.
Here's a video review. (nice range, btw)

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Anonymous said...

I have one in the gun safe, where it stays most of the time.
Won't feed properly. Have tried different ammo always with the same result..

skybill said...

Funny thing you should mention that?? I too have a "597," bought it for my self for Christmas back in '07. Camo stock off the shelf at Wally world. Shoots fine, Shot it a lot, from Fed 550 value packs to CCI good stuff, all good, got some Butler Creek Banana mags, all work fine!!!!! Sorry to hear yours has problems, Mine's FINE!!!! Even when it gets good and dirty from a lot of rounds, it just keeps shootin'! All original parts!! Hmmmmmmm????
Got Gunz??,