Sunday, October 5, 2014


Gruvinbass wants the MP-40. A 9mm German submachine gun from WWII.  It's a wartime variant of the MP-38, using stamped steel and less machined parts.

At 50 yards it's an accurate weapon. At 100 yards, the bullets tumble, keyhole through the target, accuracy is  gone. This is not the weapon, it's the cartridge. 9mm Luger is a light handgun cartridge, past 60 or 70 yards it has lost too much of it's initial energy to maintain stability.

This is a close range weapon, 100 yards would be at the outer edge of it's effective range. That being said, since it is a full auto weapon, some of the rounds would clearly hit a target at that range and they would still moving at a dangerous velocity.

Here's a nice example for $21,000. Finding one would not be impossible. There were a fair number of them brought back from the war. Here's a good video of a semi-auto conversion being fired in Europe.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Also: A joy to shoot. Just as gentle as a kitten.

Old NFO said...

They were truly a spray and pray beyond 50 yards... but seldom got used at even 50 yards. They were an up close and personal weapon.

Anonymous said...

I suspect you could make one for a lot less than 21K