Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mindset and Awareness

Brigid has a new post on self defense. Not just with firearms, but empty hand, martial arts as well. It's not about the weapon, it's about mindset and training. You've already read it, of course, because you check her blog every day, amirite?
Your choices for protection are yours. I won't preach to you further on why you should carry... But I will tell you that there is no mind set, no background that will protect you if you do not look, be aware of your surroundings, and practice. --Brigid


Hat Trick said...

Yup. Already read it and sent the link along to my girlfriend and her daughter.

Opinionated Grump (Rich in NC) said...

Home on the Range
View From the Porch
Adventures of Roberta X

Yep I read it already

Rich in NC

Tony Tsquared said...

Situational awareness. Don't make yourself a soft target.

Goober said...

Making it known that you are aware and confident will run off 80% of problems. Being willing to avoid situations that are making you uncomfortable without allowing fears of silliness (am I overreacting, here? Am I just being silly? Does he really mean me harm, or is he just crossing the street with his hood pulled up in my direction after dark with no ill intent?), or worse, racism (if I turn and walk away from the black guy approaching me after dark, with his hood up, I’ll be totes a racist, you guys!) takes care of the next 15%.

The last 5% s when you’ll end up having to use violence against your assailant, and that last 5% is when you’ll be really glad that you practiced doing so.

Chances of that happening in your lifetime? Assuming you are like me, white, middle class, living in a suburb of a smallish city with a low crime rate, and you pretty much stay home after dark? Vanishingly small.

But holy hell, if that chance does happen, you’ll be glad you put some time into thinking about it before hand, and really, what do you lose? You learn discipline, physical fitness, and confidence. Like those are really bad things to have, right?