Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MArooned and His Grail Gun

Just to mention him in two posts in a row, MArooned weighed on the grail guns discussion with a post that I think connects nicely with Bluesun's observation on his Ruger GP100.

MArooned has a grail gun that is more attainable than some I have talked about. It's a Colt Python. A .357 Magnum, three pounds of blued steel and sex appeal. It is available, he can have one today if he's willing to part with the money. Sell something else, raid the kid's college fund, eat beans and rice for four months. But it's a marginal decision, to put a couple of thousand dollars into a gun that you might only shoot a few times a year. So it remains a grail gun.

This was one I wanted, too. I've held one fairly recently and if I had wanted it badly enough, it could have been mine at a very fair price. I passed on it, telling a friend that it was worth several hundred dollars more than he was asking and that he should do a little research and then sell it.

It was beautiful, probably NRA 95%+, and what I would have done with it was shoot it, carry it in a holster, and otherwise do things to it that would make serious collectors chew through the restraints to come after me. But holding it and considering it helped me get over it, because I realized that, as beautiful as it was, it wasn't what I wanted.

What I actually want is what Bluesun has and loves. A Ruger GP100. A heavy, stainless steel (or blued) revolver that I can shoot regularly and enjoy. They are available for about $600, new ones are being made every day, and I would be as happy with a GP100 as any .357. I don't know that it's a grail gun in the way that some of these are, because I can afford it and it will likely be my next purchase.


Anonymous said...

You did the right thing by not buying the Python. This way the man or woman that buys it will take special care of it. You are looking for a good quality shooter. So the GP 100 is for you.

burt said...

I own my father's Ruger Security Six, chambered for .38/.357 and is happy with either.

And I'm quite happy with it, too.

Anonymous said...

And you know what? People are probably going to hate me for this, but I actually even like the way the GP looks more than the Colt. I think that the 4" barrel GP with the full shroud and the old style (or Altamont) grips (Lord save me from those butt ugly and worthless to my hands Hogues they come with now) has the nicest proportions out of any other revolver. The Colt looks... gangly to me.

Old NFO said...

LOL, oh thanks now they'll come after me, because I carry AND shoot my Pythons... I don't own a single safe queen!

Sherm said...

One day I decided I wanted a 6-inch GP100 with a short shroud. The full shroud model was too front-heavy for my taste but I wanted the longer barrel. I'd never even seen what I wanted but had heard they existed, even if they were no longer being made.

Two years later I walked into a local store and there it was, new, blue, never fired, and at a absurdly low price. Shut up and take my money.

As we did the deal the folks behind the counter found that they'd lost the box. They'd knock something off the price for that so it walked out the door with me for $215 just six or so years ago.

A couple of years later the store called because they'd found the box. Darn.

It is a joy to shoot and easier with full-powered loads than my 4" 686-4.

Jay G said...

The thing is, I know it's totally irrational to want a Python so badly. My S&W Model 27 will shoot just as well, at least in my hands, as any Python; I have a Ruger Security Six that's a shooter with a 6" barrel, and I've got a pair of K-frames (square butt, 4" barrel Model 19 and round butt, 3" barrel Model 13) for carry.

I have all the bases covered, and then some.

The Model 29 makes sense, in that it's the last of a triumvirate; the completion of the Smith & Wesson trinity of target revolvers. It brings the big bore piece of the puzzle; something with which I could hunt most North American game were I so inclined.

But man, I was doing some serious thinking about that Python...

Anonymous said...

Nice choice. The GP100 is a great piece. I had one for a while, stainless finish with 4" barrel and loved it. Had to sell it to pay bills, though...