Tuesday, October 14, 2014

KelTec PMR-30

weaponoffishdestruction wants a pair of PMR-30s with sequential serial numbers. I left this as the last grail gun I would cover because it is in many ways unique in the series. It is new, it is a plastic gun, and it's readily available. Of course, none of that matters when it's your grail gun.

The PMR-30 is a KelTec pistol, steel barrel and rails, aluminum frame, and nylon just about everywhere else. It weighs 20 ounces loaded, shoots .22Magnum, and holds 30 rounds. Here's American Rifleman's review of the gun.

Lightweight, low recoil, it comes across to me as a gun that would be a lot of fun for plinking at the range, training a new shooter, or even, as suggested, carrying on a hike. I don't think of the .22Magnum as a strong candidate as a self-defense round, but it is better than the "no gun at all" you might have if you had to choose whether you were going to carry a 4 pound pistol or leave it in the safe. From the other end of the muzzle I can also see that .22Magnum is right there on the list of rounds I would not want to be shot with (along with all the others).

I did find exactly what weaponoffishdestruction is looking for, a matched pair, sequential serial numbers, at the buy-it-now price of $1,250. That auction ended before this posted and the actual sale price for the pair was $911.00. This one might be attainable without that mythical uncle and his money.

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Dave H said...

.22 Magnum might not be my first choice in a defensive round, but with 30 in the magazine it makes up for it in volume.