Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ithaca 1911A1

Zercool wants a 1911A1. Not just any old beater, either. His grail gun is an Ithaca 1911, with U.S. markings, all correct and in good shape.

This one came in some variations, here's a link to some of the different models Ithaca made during the war. Zercool wasn't specific, but perhaps this one would fit the bill.

I don't have the impression this would be a shooter, this is one he wants for the wanting of it. He talks of watching the used racks in gun stores and pawn shops, perhaps hoping to find the holy grail unnoticed and forgotten in a dusty cabinet.

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NotClauswitz said...

My big brother's Ithaca has, as he put it, its trigger "slicked" by a gunsmith. It has nearly 0% original finish, but runs. Life is tough for a gun in the East Bay among the factories and bad (worse) neighborhoods.