Sunday, October 19, 2014

Red Flags Ignored

 Raptor ignores the warning signs on a Sig P232. A search for Sig P232 problems was interesting, but when it's your problem, there's nothing fun about it. After you read what he says about it now, I would like to direct you to Raptor's blog and the hopeful words he wrote when the gun first got back from the factory. It's that wanting to like a gun that makes these issues so painful.

SIG P232 that I bought used from my favorite gun shop. Red Flag #1 should have been that it was the only gun in the used case with "AS IS" written on the tag. Red Flag #2 should have been that it didn't want to field strip. But I ignored that uneasy feeling in my gut and bought it anyway.

Turns out that the takedown lever was busted, so the locking block wouldn't rotate down far enough for the slide to retract far enough to clear the guide rails. If I'd done due diligence and actually researched the gun before I bought it, I would have learned that busted takedown levers seem to be very common with modern P232s. Something about SIG switched making their small parts from forged steel to MIM components.

Oh, and the magazine it came with was buggered up too: the feed lips were cracked, so it would only feed FMJs, no HPs of any kind.

Anyways, brought it back to the shop, and they sent it back to SIG, covered all the costs too. Put less than 1000 rounds though it before the lever broke again. So I sent it to SIG myself and got it fixed again, than brought it back to the shop a few weeks ago, where I traded it towards a brand-new Springfield Range Officer Compact. The gave me $100 less than I'd initially paid for the gun.

Between repairs, new grips, three new mags, and a full holster/belt/mag pouch combo, I don't even want to think about how much money I wasted on that POS.


Divemedic said...

I used to love Sigs. I fell in love with the 226 when I bought my first one in 1990. At one point, I owned 8 of them, in 4 different calibers.

Not any more. I have gotten rid of all but one of them.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Did they stake the ejector on that new Springfield?

lee n. field said...

But But, Sigs is perfect.

armedlaughing said...

Sorry to hear Sig is sacrificing quality for profit.
My suggestion would be research serial numbers and scour the gun shows for an older one...?


Raptor said...

FWIW, I was considering trading the P232 for something with more oomph than a .380 anyway. The malf just sealed the deal.

And I have a P228 that was made in W. Germany that has run like a sewing machine despite putting at least 2k rounds though it in the last not-quite 2 years.

NJT: no idea, not even sure how to tell.

Ben said...

Dont remember where I read it or know if it is true but I remember reading somewhere that the same guy responsible for ruining Kimbers reputation by using cheap outsourced parts went on to do the same thin with Sig

Geodkyt said...

I've got a pair of Sig P250's, and my only real complaint is why didn't they use nitron finished stainless steel on the mag and slide releases, instead of blued carbon steel? The only parts of the gun that show rust after carrying IWB against the skin. . . even the take down lever seems to be nitron stainless.