Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Glen Filthie's Observations on the Grail Guns

To close out the Grail Gun series, I want to post Glen Filthie's observations:
"I spent my life as a gun slave in search of the grail. Unlike most I found it. Several, actually.

Springfield M1A match gun
A Uberti 1876 in .45-75
A Uberti 1860 .44 Percussion
His & Hers CZ .22's.
A 20 bore SxS by El Cheapo in Spain

Probably got about 20 others that are all grails too. I ain't buying anymore guns. Except maybe another AR... But that's the last one, I swear!!!!

The best gun, boys, is the one you have. Get out and use it. Take the family. Have fun.

There's a Youtubing Texan out there who shoots up his back yard with new and vintage guns and then proudly proclaims 'Life Is Good!'. The man is a philosopher king. Wish I could recall his name."
"The best gun, boys, is the one you have. Get out and use it." That's my Zen for the day.

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Dave H said...

Yup, that's what it's about. I think everybody who named their grail guns all expect to shoot them. (Judging by the comments about using Uncle's money to buy pallets of ammo for the full-auto guns.)

I see comments all the time about how Hickok45's gun reviews stink because he never says anything bad about them. I disagree completely. They're not reviews! They're a guy who loves guns going out to have some fun and inviting us along.