Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola Question

I have a question. If ebola doesn't live more than a few days outside the body, why don't they just seal up the houses and apartment and wait a week? Why do they need to rip everything out to the sheetrock and put it in barrels? Hmmmm.

I would be posting a lot more on this topic, but Aesop over at Raconteur Report has been banging on ebola, the response to ebola, and teh stupid being exhibited by all and sundry. He has weeks worth of posts and I don't think he's missed a stroke. One of his latest is worth perusing, he called it "the Daily Beatdown of Reality." Then work your way back and think about it.


2cents said...

Cuz it can last a couple months outside the body.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, 2 cents is right... sigh

Dave H said...

A lot of organisms are killed by environmental factors like free oxygen or sunlight, but they can survive if they find a little protected nook where they're not readily exposed. That's why autoclaves are used to sterilize surgical instruments rather than just giving them a bath in alcohol. The heat and pressure of the autoclave penetrate everything.

Goober said...

If Ebola can't live outside the body, then how is it popping back up in Africa after being gone for months and years at a time?

Because critters.

We have critters here, too. Inside apartments regardless of how "sealed " they might be.

I'd point out we also have critters in our landfills, too, so hopefully after these cleanups, judicious use of incineration is applied.

2cents said...

Or even 700 years.