Monday, October 13, 2014

Colt 1900

hightecrebel is looking to own a series of guns. The developmental steps, expressed in steel, that John Moses Browning created on his way to the 1911. Even with a lot of money, you wouldn't buy them all at once, so I get to assume he would try to buy them in order.

That makes the Colt 1900 his first grail gun. You can see it as a Browning design.

Chambered in .38 ACP, with a unique safety built in to the rear sight, it can be seen today as a quirky old relic or you can see it as an evolutionary step, worth having for it's place in the history of pistol design.

There were only 4,300 of them made. Here's one of them. It's in good shape, the sight safety is unmodified, and it can be yours for $7,450. Once you have that one, there's the 1902, the 1905 (now in .45 ACP !), the 1907, and ending with the first 1911 model.

I think you could get the set for $20,000 pretty easily as long as some bare steel and pitting didn't worry you, but putting together this set in excellent condition might take some time and nibble up a lot more money.

Consider this 1911, S/N 33. Assembled in December of 1911, during the first week of production, it has that deep blue finish that only Colt could do, and it looks like it was made last week. It sold for $95,000. I guess you could start there and work back to the Colt 1900, at least you'd know you'd established a standard for your grail guns.


Anonymous said...

I rarely drool over posts unaffiliated with food or females, but I did on this one.


Sherm said...

It's a shame no one wants a Boys rifle.

Dave H said...

Sherm: I do! But I don't know where I'd shoot it.

NotClauswitz said...

A vertical tastong!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful guns. And yeah, 'excellent' condition would be the true grail guns, but I'd be willing to start with the bare steel and pitting.