Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bryco 380

Tony Tsquared inherited them. At least he didn't buy them...

I inherited 2 Bryco model 38 in 380ACP - one is black and the other is chromed. One will shoot it's mag all the way through. The other will FTF/stovepipe on every bullet. Switch magazines and I have the same results. On both guns if the target is more than 15 feet I cant get a bullet on the paper. They both will have a light strike with the firing pin once in a while. These are close up, Saturday night specials that may or may not fire when you squeeze the trigger.

Tony apparently was feeling generous when he wrote this, other things I find are much more cruel.
Here's a review at and a quote that raises the snark level:
 Would I recommend this pistol to you? No. My local gun shop sells the Jimenez .380 for about $145 and though the gun ran fine for me, I would not recommend it unless you had no other options. And I mean, kitchen knives, baseball bats, or an angry housecat should be considered above this in terms of defensive weapons.

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