Sunday, October 12, 2014

Browning SA-22

Weetabix wants a Browning Sa-22. Since we're looking at grail guns, let's look at the SA-22 Grade VI. This one is still available new and in the top grade, it's at the pinnacle of what you can do with a .22 rifle, high gloss wood, beautiful bluing, and gold inlay in the engraving.

It is a rifle with a history, too. It was designed by JMB himself and the current design is based on a patent issued in 1914. It's semi-auto, uses a bottom eject design, so there's no brass or gas in the face of a left handed shooter, and it's a takedown design, coming apart essentially like a shotgun.

Weetabix wanted an old one, though, so here's a work of art, built in 1959 and engraved by Angelo Bee. Absolutely beautiful, from the grain in the wood to the details in the floral filigree work on the receiver.

It's available now for $6100. I 'd never considered a Browning SA-22, but the old ones sing the song that Weetabix is hearing, "You want me, you could do it, it's just another .22, you should buy me."     I must resist the song...

Update: And I definitely need to stop looking at the ones for sale on Angelo Bee's website. Just stop.


Hat Trick said...

I had always wanted one since first seeing them in a Browning catalog I picked up when my family toured the Nauvoo historic site in western Illinois when I was ten. Found a Belgian made one in my favorite gunshop in '01. It is not as fancy as the ones you showed here but it is a tack driver even with run of the mill ammo.

NotClauswitz said...

The thing about the .22 is that it's very shootable - almost necessary. With the gliding metal jacket being softer than steel, I've heard that you really can't shoot-out a .22's bore - corrosion is a greater danger.

Jonathan H said...

Wow, quite fancy.
The problem I have seen with downward ejection is that if you are sitting, and sometimes kneeling, you end up with hot shell cases in your lap or on your shirt.
I would think that firing prone could be problematic too, depending on how violently the cases are ejected and if they bounce.