Tuesday, October 7, 2014

African Mauser, .404 Jeffery

Goober wants an African Mauser, in caliber that begins with 4, that was used in Africa during the safari years. They exist and are more accessible than some of the grail guns we've looked at recently.

I went auction hunting, and found one I think fits his wish. Everything but being owned by a famous hunter, I think, and available for about $5000. Made in 1912, it was brought out of Tanzania, and it's chambered in .404 Jeffery.

I understand this one being a grail gun. It's not necessarily a practical hunting rifle in North America, it's pricier than most people want to spend just to have something, and yet it sings of long ago hunts and experiences in the bush that most of us will never have.


Goober said...

.404 Jeffries is the rifle my good friend owns, took to Africa, and killed his elephant with.

He paid 8k for it, but it doesn't have the history your rifle does.

NotClauswitz said...

I bet it would do fine work in Alaska where everything handgunnery begins with a 4.

OMMAG said...

Amazing times we live in.

What a fine example of a hunting tool! Not that I'd care to shoot with it. But I would would love to see it in my guncase!

Goober said...

My buddy's 404 is surprisingly gentle to shoot.

Still kicks like a mule, but not as bad as you'd fear.