Friday, September 26, 2014


Knirirr wants a Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver. I picked this one to highlight first for two reasons.

The first is that when I looked it up I realized I didn't know anything about it. So let's look at Knirirr's dream gun and see what we are talking about.

Start with a Webley break top revolver. That gets you the basic revolver that George Fosbery modified. Now, set the top of the revolver to recoil, then cut a series of guide track in the cylinder so that the recoiling mechanism advances the cylinder and sets the trigger. Now you have a 6 shot semi-auto revolver(!!). Commonly chambered in .455 Webley, which was a 265 gr. bullet running 650 to 750 fps, considered a powerful cartridge in it's day, it saw use in WWI. It was also considered as an option for the U.S. military and some test prototypes were made in .45 ACP.

Here's a clip from Forgotten Weapons detailing the operation of the Webley-Fosbery.
The other reason is much sadder. The country that developed and issued this weapon now essentially bans the ownership and use of the gun. As Knirirr mentions in his comment, there are strict laws about owning, reasons for owning, ammunition ownership, and use of what they call Heritage Firearms. His grail gun is not out of reach because it was especially rare, or even all that expensive. It is unavailable to him because there are laws, regulations, and because so many of the pistols were collected and destroyed. That lesson is one we in the United States would do well to be mindful of.


Goober said...

It shocks me, truly, that given all of the governments that have effectively disarmed their citizenry, that more of them have not gone completely feral.

It seems like a unique condition to the late 20th and early 21st century that governments are actually, for the most part, actually the benevolent government that the leftists claim is possible.

If anything from history has shown, this is a temporary condition, for sure. Even if it's not, I'd like to keep my guns for a bit just to make sure, thanks much.

History has shown time and again that governments not constrained by their people go feral.

Why hasn't the UK government gone feral yet? Or the Ausiie government?

Who the hell knows? But I don't think that it is proof of anything that they haven't yet. Not after bit more time has passed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention.

By the way, re. your "nation of riflemen" tag, we do have a National Rifle Association over here as well. As it says on their site:

The National Rifle Association (now the governing body of fullbore rifle and centre-fire pistol shooting in Great Britain) was founded in 1859, originally to provide a focus for marksmanship for the newly formed corps of volunteers which had been raised to meet the perceived threat of invasion by the French.

It's still going today, obviously.
I note that on a few occasions I have been able to amuse myself by mentioning my membership when talking to certain sorts of Americans who say how refreshing it is to be on the other side of the Atlantic where there aren't NRA fanatics and guns everywhere.

Paul said...

I wonder what happened to Zordoz's WF revolver. You know, the one Sean Connery used in the show.