Monday, September 1, 2014


There's a novel solar energy plant in California. The plant works by concentrating the energy of the sun using mirrors and making steam. It also has the side effect of killing birds by frying them in mid-air. It may be happening as frequently as a bird every two minutes. They call them streamers because the feathers ignite in a puff of smoke as they fall from the sky.

If these birds were being covered in oil there would be an international effort to rescue them and mitigate the future deaths. Network news would be covering the effort with video at 6! Since they are dying at a green energy facility, you have to come to Borepatch to even hear about it. Global News of Canada has the details.


Anonymous said...

But, But

Solar power is benign, didn't you know?
Just like the windmills...



kotetu said...

It's official: renewable energy farms hate birds. First the wind turbines chopping up raptors for salad toppings, now they have solar fryers.

If an oil rig was killing this many birds there would be a congressional investigation.

Bill Matthey said...

ZERO. The number of energy producing facilities that do not kill something.