Friday, September 26, 2014

Original, Minty, Winchester Model 75 Sporter

Ancient Woodsman would get a Winchester Model 75 Sporter. New from the factory or as close as could be found.

I picked this one next because I own one of these. It isn't new. You can't even see new from where it is. But it's a Winchester 75 with Lyman target peep sights and it is a shooter. I don't know if it's the long sight radius, the size and weight, or the great sights, but it is a joy to take to the range.

I got it from the original owner, a smallbore shooter, along with several bricks of Olin match grade .22s. It has been shot by many a Boy Scout and, just by chance, is going to the range tomorrow for a Scout activity.

But a minty one...might be harder to come by. Here's one the seller is calling 98% . I'm no judge of firearms, most of what I own are old dinged up junk shooters, but this is certainly as nice an old rifle as you're going to see.

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LSP said...

"...junk shooters".

Respect, as they say in the "old country"...