Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mitt Romney Considers Running Again

Mitt can run, but if he's the GOP candidate, the Democrats will win again. His stand on the 2nd Amendment (and health care, "Homeland Security", taxes, and the role of government) makes him unacceptable. His legislation in Massachusetts, coupled with his answers in the second debate last time, decided it for me.

I voted for Gary Johnson. I could not pull the lever a man that wants to strip me of my liberties. The "lesser of the two evils" argument would not sell with me and with enough other conservatives and libertarians that Pr. Obama won a second term. Remember Paul Ryan? Remember the energy he brought? Even that couldn't carry Romney to the finish line.

There's two years to find a candidate. Gary Johnson is running again. Read his platform and ask yourself if you don't support his beliefs and ideas more than every candidate you ever supported for the Presidency.

So here's my hill on this issue. If the Republicans can do no better than Mitt Romney in 2016, they will have to convince someone else to vote for him. If they can get beyond themselves and consider a candidate that shares at least some of my values, I will reconsider.


Dave H said...

"they will have to convince someone else to vote for him"

Looking back, I wonder if that's what they were doing. They were trying to get Democrats to vote for him.

Comrade Misfit said...

Another Harold Stassen?

One thing about Romney: There is no part of the political spectrum that he hasn't, at one time another, tried to claim as his own.

(Might also be true that the only cure for "fire in the belly" is embalming fluid.)

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Read his platform and ask yourself if you don't support his beliefs and ideas more than every candidate you ever supported for the Presidency."

I can safely say he is a Libertarian and so will never get a vote from me.

I disagree with him on Abortion, Drugs, Technology, Tax Reform, War & Peace, Welfare and Poverty, Principles & Values, Homeland Security, I could go on. In fact about the only things I agree with him on is where he overlaps with Paleo - Conservatism.

Only posting this reply because of the quoted section above.

Heck I agreed more with Alan Keyes and Chuck Baldwin and Baldwin comes to close to theonomy for my tastes.

Eagle said...

Waiting for the Walker/Rice platform.

tsquared said...

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West

Anonymous said...

There's little point in replacing the Democrat varsity with the Democrat junior varsity, so a Romney re-run will reproduce the 2012 result, more likely with lower numbers than 2012 all the way down the R list. The best we could hope for is to buy some time with the JV team in Congress, but that's certainly not a solution; electing commies, socialists and Marxists, whatever their party, is the symptom not the disease.

Which got me to thinking: there were something like 4.5 million fewer Republican votes for Romney in 2012 than McCain votes in 2008 (can't remember the exact number and too lazy to look it up). I wonder how many of those votes switched to Dem to prove a point in disgust.

Richard said...

+1. And Jeb Bush or Chris Christie would be even worse. Plus some others.

bruce said...

I hope someday your voting program is proved right. I see little chance or that or us surviving the next sixty years.

could you say voting for a sure loser is tantamount to doing nothing?

do you think we would be as deep in poo as we are if Romney were

Unknown said...

I voted for Johnson last time too. If the Republicans run Rand Paul, or some one similar they might get my vote. If they don't...well it's their funeral. Running old white guys who largely appeal to old white guys works until you run short of them.

Rick C said...

"Running old white guys who largely appeal to old white guys "

People need to quit saying this, because the result is "let's vote for this black guy because he's not a white guy."

Hey, if that's your only criterion, you might as well vote for Willie Horton.

ASM826 said...


I think it would be just as bad under Pr. Romney, and perhaps in some areas worse. If the Republicans felt they needed to support Romney and he did the things he did in Massachusetts, we would have no one standing in opposition. The Dems would line up behind him because he was proposing the the very things they want. The Republicans would line up behind him because he is nominally one of them. You need only look at his legislative record in Massachusetts to see where that would lead.