Saturday, September 13, 2014

Life, Death, and Barkley

I finished reading The Book of Barkley last night. It begins with a puppy. and it ends, as it must, with loss.  It is shot through with fine writing, wisdom, and love.

You can get a autographed copy by being one of the first 20 people to donate $50.00 to Kilted to Show My Bird Legs Kick Cancer. Be sure to select Team Borepatch.

Or just buy a copy.

The author is one of the best writers blogging today and if you are not taking the time to read her on-line efforts, you're missing something valuable. Her nom de plume is Brigid and she posts at Home on the Range. You should go now. She has cookies.


Old NFO said...

That she is!

Cap'n Jan said...

Wonderful words about Brigid. She said "Donate to Team Borepatch". Done. I'm still reading the Book of Barkley, savoring it, not charging through it as is my wont. She said that some of my words are in there and I really, really, want to skip through and see, but I'm keeping myself under tight rein.

Fair Winds, Ted, You do look fine in a kilt!

Cap'n Jan