Friday, September 5, 2014

Garand Match Tomorrow

I'll be shooting tomorrow.

But today, here's a 16 year old girl shooting High Junior at the CMP Western Games. She shot 251/300 with a borrowed rifle.


Knucklehead said...

Can someone explain to me the why (at 0:26) the young lady places the buttstock against her shoulder that way? That's a 30-06 and that looks like a sure fire recipe for a nastily bruised shoulder to me.

I've seen this before.

ASM826 said...


She's doing it to get up on the sights. She's not the height and size the rifle was designed for and if she shoulders the rifle normally, her head will be so far back on the stock she won't be able to get a sight picture.

She compensates by letting the rifle set off her shoulder. Since she is wearing a coat and holding the rifle tightly in position, the recoil change is manageable.