Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Forgotten Weapons

A new link for those of you with an interest in arcane firearms. Forgotten Weapons is a giant time sink a great jumping off point to look at weapons that never got out of development, were innovative, rare, or just old enough that none of us have ever seen one.

I am going to include one link and an image. Here's an M16A1 outfitted with a grenade launcher and a Starlight scope. The Air Force set this up in 1967 creating an eighteen pound weapon out of an eight pound rifle.
 There is no end to the obscurity. Pinfire harmonica pistols? Early efforts at semi-auto military rifles? How about a Remington Model 8 shotgun with a 15 round box magazine? If you don't see that last one, you haven't wandered back far enough through the older posts. I'm tempted to just find the oldest page and read forward.


Goober said...

15 rounds of 12 gauge in one mag? Probably weighed more than the shotgun, itself!

OMMAG said...

Fifteen rounds of 12ga Fun! Who cares what it weighs?

Old NFO said...

Time sink is right... three hours and I didn't get through everything!!!

NotClauswitz said...

The bad guys were running around last night on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. carrying M1 Carbines with huge 'Nam era StarLight scopes.
Foiled by a trick-pocket thermite grenade... That's a fun blog.
And then there's the Aguila shorty 1-inch 12-guage specials that never quite got going.