Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dillon Aero Minigun

drjim want a Dillon Aero M134 Minigun.

It fires 7.62x51 NATO, and can be set to fire between 3000 and 4000 rounds a minute. A thousand rounds of 7.62x51 weighs about 52 pounds. Some quick counting on my toes (I am a Marine, after all) gets me to the idea that ten minutes of firing is a ton of ammo. Really, a ton, maybe a few pounds over.

So you really need a platform for it. A helicopter, a truck, a boat, something to carry the weapon on a base, provide electrical power, and carry the ammo.

 7.62x51 is running about 50 cents a round, so that same 10 minutes of firing cost $20,000.00, more or less. I suppose you could get a discount for buying it by the semi-truck load.

Looks like a lot of fun, but I'm not sure one rich uncle would be enough. The major costs I can immediately see a big ranch in the Southwest for a range, helicopter(s), fuel, crews, Dillon minigun, spare parts, ammo, mechanics, armorers, and a company that was doing "development research" so that there would be justification for your possession of the system and those low level strafing runs on old cars. I'm thinking you might need Bill Gates as your uncle for this one.

Here it is, though, and drjim ever works all this out, I am ready to come out for a range day.


drjim said...

You'll be the first invite!

drjim said...

And watching those tracers come streaming out kind of puts the term "Bullet Hose" to good use!

Elusive Wapiti said...

Nice secondaries at 2:03.

I've seen a previous version of this video. Footage of a Huey in a nose-left-tail-right sideslip sufficient to give the gunner azimuth to engage was frickin awesome.

Screw all that strafing crap.

Unknown said...

Anything short of megatons is a waste of time and money. Find the target and flatten it and the surrounding 10 miles. Then those assholes will pay attention.

Jeff said...


lelnet said...

As cool as a helicopter would be (and let's face it...if you can afford a gun that costs 2 kilobucks per miniute to operate, you can afford a helicopter to mount it on), I'd go with a truck or a humvee.

Short of napalming a semi stuffed to capacity with bundles of hundred dollar bills, this may very well be the world's fastest way to turn money into noise.

Anonymous said...

Spent a year between what was then the XM134 subsystem flying Charlie/Mike model UH-1s (I think the Marines called them UH-1E). We usually fired one gun at a time instead of in pairs (the CE/door gunner would just disconnect the Cannon Plug). Two thousand RPM normal rate of fire. Could support a lot of slicks/dustoff/or troops in contact with that old gunship. The only time I ever had too much ammo was on takeoff. regards, Alemaster